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She clicked the remote to start camera rrecording in the dimly lit room. "I don't know why I am doing this. Yes I do, but never mind." A lovely but rueful smile, this was a woman who laughed in the face of the danger and who most of all loves life. Her hands moved expressively as she "This is proof that Angelyna, Magdalene and I really lived and made a small mark on the world." The lovely brunette woman settled back in the forest green velvet Victorian chair. "It is also a work of fiction and dreams." The chair's fruitwood gleams in the light of the camera and her eyes change from amber to green and back again as she moves.

"Hmm where to begin…. Hi Alistair… If you're viewing this" said with a cat and mouse grin "oh hell, you know why you're seeing this."

"On November 11, 1980-*I* had arrived. Yes me, Callista Helene, the bouncing baby girl of Theodora Helene Giovanni Milliner and Gabriel Paulo Milliner. Known 'Cali' to my friends, 'Demon Spawn' to my sisters. We were given the very best life had to offer, the finest of education sat Marymount International School in Rome - a Catholic boarding school. And just like my two older sisters, Magdalene and Angelyna. I went to finishing school in Venice, Rome, and stayed two years in New York City with Mama's relatives. I have many friends outside the family, but my closest is Alistair Dunsien, a cousin from Scotland -more like a brother than a cousin."

"A word or two about Alistair:

"Except for saying good-bye to you, Alistair, summer breaks were my favorite time of year… I worried when we were apart. You stopped playing with all our friends. Something had made you withdrawn and angry. You are a pain in the butt. Smart. Funny at times, but often lost in those studies of yours… Too serious! Bro, you need a to find a woman! " Said with a delicate smirk "Baaadly."

"Alistair and I never say good-bye. That is important to say "

"Now back to the family...."Summers were the best - it meant going home and being with my sisters even though they were much older than me. Mags was 12 years older, already a woman. An Angel most of the relatives said. Angelyna was a tomboy like me -well, until she discovered boys." The lovely brunette crosses her eyes. "Eee yew!" Laughter plays in her voice as she continues. Angie was 6 years older. And Mags did her best to teach us style and grace.

Home was a magical place then. It was Mama's summer villa; it had been in her family for a very long time. nestled beneath the trees it gleamed white and shades of pale green in a small mountain valley above Milan. In the early summer, the warm air is laden with the full heady aroma of the grape, fragrant berries and rich black soil mingled, with scents of fresh baked bread and Mama's roses & wisteria from the porticos and the courtyards of the villa. It induced the sweetest of dreams during our afternoon rest. Then sunset painted the house in surreal gold, lavender and deepest rose. On stormy nights, red would paint the horizons beneath heavy black clouds staining the villa crimson…. "

Re-crosses her slender legs and smoothed her skirt. "Our lives were so" pauses again "normal. Who would have guessed something sinister lay beneath all the beauty of our home, the place that is supposed to be safe…."

The house would buzz with servants setting up for the late evening parties our papa loved to give. He was quite the social butterfly, inviting clients, mostly distant relatives and friends to enjoy the cool summer nights at the Villa. On those nights the children stayed up until well past midnight. I flirted with my favorite uncles and cousins