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Family Organization:
Members of the Giovanni Family begin their lives as Mortals. While many believe that all Giovanni know the dark truths about their Family and Clan, the truth is actually far different. Most mortal Giovanni grow up knowing almost nothing of the true nature of their Family. There is always suspicion of "mysterious" doings behind closed doors, but otherwise, they live out their lives with some semblance of normality. There are a rare few mortal Giovanni who are indoctrinated from early childhood into the inner mysteries, most often due to some circumstance that prevents these individuals from interacting with the mortal populace (such as inbred deformities.)

The Elders give a mortal family member what is called "The Proxy Kiss", when said mortal begins to demonstrate talents and traits useful to the elders. When one receives the Kiss, s/he becomes a ghoul. A servant of the family. At that time, they are shown the truth about the Family as a Clan and given as much information as is required. The Ghoul's life takes on a duality: by day typical Family business and by night servitors of the dominator. All Giovanni vampires start out as Ghouls. Ghouls are considered subservient. Insolence or disrespect not tolerated and punished swiftly and severely.

Methods of giving the Proxy Kiss range from the mundane to the depraved, as befits the individual Kindred who gives their blood to the new Ghoul.

After proving a Ghoul proves himself worth (sometimes it takes many years) he is finally given the Embrace. (The Giovanni perpetuate the rumor that "only three are embraced from the family ranks each year" to keep their actual numbers a secret.) Once given the Embrace, the new vampire is expected to strive towards furthering the goal of the Clan and advance progress in the Plan- The Rending of the Shroud- This is why rivalries between family members is forbidden. It is counterproductive to the Clan's goal.

It is important to note: That there are Traitors among the Giovanni. Few outside the Clan would consort with the Giovanni anyway. Fear of Retribution from the Elders is usually enough to keep the majority in check.