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The Giovanni Necromancers interaction with Spirits are tainted with corruption just like their dealings with one another. Inner rivalries abound among ambitious family members who strive for standing within the clan. Without it, an important standing , one might not receive the "Proxy Kiss", or be chosen for the embrace. (see Organization) .

Though outright hostilities are forbidden; and acting against the will of the Elders is not tolerated at all, many jockey for position, hoping to out do one another, or even preside over the deaths of the brethren, at the behest of their Elders. However, the Giovanni as a whole follow a particular code of conduct that dictates their actions, and regardless of what rivalries might exist, it is unknown for two Giovanni to argue, or even disagree, with one another in public.

Some Giovanni have been known to question the policies of their Elders, offering more modern viewpoints. While tolerated, (even the wisdom of youth must at times, be recognized) it is the unwise Neonate or Ancilla that pushes this too far. Those that would question the authority of their Elders walk a razor thin wire, where a misstep can mean an eternity of unimaginable agony.

Incest is also a common occurrence among the Giovanni families, though this is also discouraged, albeit not as strongly as open hostilities among family members. Incest is somewhat disgusting and inconvenient in the case of children borne, but intra-class fighting can prove to be counter-productive, and thus is not normally tolerated by the Elders.