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General Information:
The Giovanni are one of the most dichotomous clans in Kindred society. Urbane and genteel on the surface, this facade conceals a depraved and twisted reality that many can only guess at. The Giovanni are masters of the dangerous art of manipulating the kine, and their business savvy is unparalleled, as would befit a family of Venetian merchant princes. While their Camarilla rivals often maintain more conventional and legitimate fronts, the Giovanni are known to deal more with the criminal elements, especially those emanating from the seedy and undesirable underbelly of mortal society. Their innovative business practices range from "legitimate" Internet based Techno-porn to illegal drug trafficking, extortion, and prostitution to the exceptionally vile business practices of snuff-films, contract killing, organ harvesting and other more vile things best not discussed.

In the business world they appear t0 hold a finger on the pulse of modern society and its trends. However their attitudes the are archaic, almost feudal. The male dominated clan originated in Italy and the Italian culture (pre-1920 and women's rights) predominates their view point. Giovanni men are expected to portray an air of respectability, although some of the Elders choose to adopt a more ominous and intimidating demeanor. Giovanni women are typically assigned to a more subservient, though protected cherished, and pampered role. That does not mean, however, the Giovanni women are powerless window-dressing. It is not unheard of for a women to ascend through the ranks of the Clan, though it is only through the most ruthless and devious means. To look upon a Giovanni woman of power is to encounter a viscous, cruel being to whom the petty machinations of Machiavelli and the Borgia are mere child's play.

Behind the closed doors of the loggia, the truth of the Giovanni is even more disturbing. The Clan often uses the opportunities presented by their unsavory business contacts to further their experimentation and research into the dark mysteries of Necromancy. Capturing the souls of the dearly departed often requires the mortal shell, and many Giovanni mansions double as morgues. The Giovanni are not kind masters. They delight in the torture and subjugation of the restless dead through the use of Necromancy and the defilement of corpses. One night, they hope that they may be able to rend the Shroud asunder, bringing the Skinlands and Shadowlands together as one.
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