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The Families of the Giovanni:
The Giovanni are not the only Family that makes up the Clan Giovanni. over the years, many have contributed to the Giovanni Clan's endeavers in one way or another, and those that have proven especially helpful or layal have been inducted into the Family and Clan Giovanni. Each Family's members live out mortal life as the Giovanni do, but within their own seperate kinships. Only when one is selected for the Proxy Kiss (and possibly, the Embrace later on) do they become further indoctrinated into the Clan as a whole.

The outsiders are divided into three groups, the Major Families, the Minor Families, and the Lesser Families. Members of the Major Families enjoy only slightly less accord and respect than one whose blood is fully Giovanni. The distinction is often unnoticable, until circumstances dictate that the Giovanni gather to set policy. Often, the words of those from the Major Families do not carry quite so much influence as those of the true Giovanni.

The Minor Families are often looked down upon with a degree of contempt by the Giovanni, both of the Family, and of the Major Families. However, their usefulness preculdes any treatment harsher than jibes and taunts from their betters. Most significatnly, the Minor Families have little say in what policies Clan Giovanni sets, and it is rare in the extreame for one of their kind to climb higher than the station of Don or Dona of a city. True Giovanni, and members of Major Families, often chafe under the direction of one from the Minor Families, and often find ways to remove them from power.

The Giovanni clan also harbors a number of Lesser Families related to the clan through marriage to one Giovanni or another. Of these, Augustus has his eyes on five for possible "acquisition." Members of Lesser Families do not have a say in ANYTHING and may not hold a title above Soldati. They may have family head, but the have no voice. There is always someone you can blame for anothers fuck ups.

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