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Etiquette and Protocol:
This exacting code of behavior of the Giovanni is of the Italian mindset. While it may seem silly to some, their rules of etiquette and protocol which set them apart from the "lesser" kindred.

  • -Gentlemen will rise when a lady sits, stands, or joins a group. All chairs are pulled out. If a lady joins a conversation and declines to sit, all will remain standing. Ladies need not rise if another joins a group.

  • -Greet all family with the customary kiss to each cheek in European style. Men and women greet each other this way. If a player is uncomfortable with this then a warm handshake will do.

  • -Nobody goes anywhere alone. No exceptions. It doesn't matter how much potence you have or how intimidating you look. At the very least you have someone else to draw the fire while you make your escape if needed, not to mention the benefits of always having at least one witness with you.

  • -Ladies are never without at least one male escort for every 2 women.

  • -Ladies will act like ladies at all times, especially in public. All etiquette applies.

  • -When sitting for official business, seating is done according to hierarchy. He who is most important at the head of the table, second most important to his right, third to his left and so on alternating. For example:

      3 5 7 9  
    1         10
      2 4 6 8